GPS. Don’t make it easy for the bad guys to find your home!!

The FBI reports that GPS theft from vehicles shot up 700% between 2006 and 2007 Theft Prevention: Use the suction-cup windshield mount instead of the permanent base that adheres to the glass or dash which lets everyone know you have a GPS. A friction mount is also an option.(Looks like a bean bag that sits … Continued

Situational Awareness: A Non-Incident vs. The Six O’ Clock News!

A teenaged girl, who had taken our introductory situational awareness class, approached me with a personal story after we presented a safety assembly at her school. Let’s call her Ashley. Her story contains the 4 simple elements that comprise the “Safety Mindset: Knowledge of crime as a process Awareness of our surroundings Obeying instincts And … Continued

Personal Safety: The Color of Your Vehicle’s Interior?

During a recent class for a corporate client, we were covering the topic of safety while commuting. We discussed the importance of taking a quick look into the backseat of your vehicle before getting in. I encourage people to carry a small flashlight with them, especially during the winter months, in order to check the … Continued