As a former FBI Special Agent and FBI SWAT team member, I found it refreshing to see law enforcement personal safety concepts being taught in a manner that is easy for anyone to grasp. These are not your vanilla classes presenting a list of personal safety “do’s and don’ts” we have all heard before.  Participants are taught to formulate strategies that will make them more difficult targets for criminals. Trainings are highly interactive and include extensive use of table top exercises and teaching through the telling of true stories. Critical thinking is emphasized.  Whether a class for young women in high school, off to college or one of their employee personal safety offerings, these programs are a must in today’s unpredictable world.

Timothy Morris, PhD, former FBI Special Agent and FBI SWAT team member.

“Our management team cares about the well-being and safety of our staff not just at work, but in their personal lives as well. Our employees have expressed great appreciation for the trainings you delivered and the very practical approach your company takes with regard to awareness and the avoidance of crime. The customized interactive elements made for engaging and realistic learning experiences.”

HR Manager, King County Elections, Renton, WA

Your Active Shooter presentation received very high marks at our recent luncheon. Some of the comments we received: “Very timely and thought provoking” – “Shocking, informative, educational and helpful” – “Very engaging and informative”

Evergreen Safety Council, Seattle, WA

“Overlake Hospital was pleased to host a training for Mothers and Daughter this past fall. The curriculum was pertinent, examples current and Larry Kaminer is a talented instructor capable of engaging both the adults and the 14 year olds. The Personal Safety Training Group is motivated, flexible and creative in it’s mission to build awareness and safety for women in our community and we look forward to hosting this class again during the coming year”

Family Education Coordinator, OVERLAKE Hospital Medical Center, Seattle, WA

“Your presentations at the Louisiana Governor’s Safety & Health Conference were very well received as was the recent webinar on active shooter. We look forward bringing your program to our clients again this year. “

Safety Council of Louisiana Capital Area, Baton Rouge, LA

“I have a strong background in security operations and foreign travel. I personally took Larry’s course in order to assess suitability for training our staff who regularly travel in developing countries. While many courses focus on actions during and attack, Larry has a detailed eye for behavior and prevention and communicates it well using clean audio-visuals, case studies and examples. His training focuses on not being or becoming a victim and taking pro-active steps to prevent being a part of a violent encounter. I view his service as critical. My wife took the course and my daughters will too. Highly recommended.”

A. Cull – CEO, Remote Medical International, Seattle WA

“Larry did a great job in providing gender neutral training for our personnel, the majority of whom are forklift drivers, material handlers and mechanics. The presentation and role playing kept the employees fully engaged. I received very positive feedback from the attendees and have continued to hear ongoing dialog about the topic of safety, including how they have shared the information with their families.  Our employees have definitely adopted the core concept of the The Personal Safety Training Groups instruction: Be Aware. Be Strategic. Be Safe! ”

Human Resources Director, Alaska Marine Lines, Seattle WA

“Our staff and volunteers continue to benefit from the series of trainings that you have delivered for us. The customization of the content really reflects your intimate understanding of our very unique needs and challenges. Your company’s awareness based approach to personal safety and focus on strategic thinking has been empowering to all of us. The work you do is so important given the nature of the world we live in today. We look forward to our upcoming trainings later this year. “

Eastside Domestic Violence Program- Bellevue, WA

Providing your situational awareness course to our association members is an effective piece of our risk management service. The courses continue to receive rave reviews and our own staff has also benefited from the training. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with your company and our partnership to spread the word of personal safety.

Executive Director SMART Association / Approach Management Services, Seattle WA

“We recently had Larry speak to students and staff regarding personal safety. He did a wonderful job of customizing his program to meet our unique situation. The participants came away with a greater understanding of what personal safety means and how they can enhance their own safety.Thanks for providing an informative, interesting and entertaining program.”

Director of Human Resources, Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle , WA

“The information and skills provided to Childhaven continue to be the topic of conversation within our organization. Each person took away specific changes that they could immediately implement to improve their level of awareness. The customized areas of the training addressed our specific needs and continue to be used by our staff.”

Training Manager, Childhaven, Seattle, WA

“As a group of professionals who primarily work alone in disparate locations, this safety training and the customization addressing our specific risks was invaluable. The strategies were very intuitive and easy to implement and the presentation was not only powerful but also engaging and highly interactive. Gaining knowledge of how criminals think really helped in forming strategies on how present ourselves as more difficult targets and to avoid bad situations to begin with.”

Secretary, NAPO- Seattle(National Association of Professional Organizers)

“As the leader of the human resource function of a large, urban medical center, I was acutely aware of the daily risks employees faced when coming and going from the workplace. The best tool you can give your employees is knowledge and increased awareness so they can keep themselves safe. The Personal Safety Group provides what you need to empower staff to manage themselves in an increasingly risky world. The training is informative, action oriented and will keep everyone thoroughly engaged. You will leave the session with raised awareness and new skills that can be used every day.”

P. Sheehan, Human Resources Practice Leader, Baldwin Resource Group, Bellevue WA

The mid-sized Seattle non-profit agency at which I am a manager recently arranged with The Personal Safety Training Group to provide a couple of trainings for our mostly female staff. To my surprise, the training I sat in on was just as important and useful for me, a male, as for the women who attended. I appreciated the specific instruction, grounded in an emphasis on learning to be aware and prudent (but not perpetually anxious) and this is human safety training I no longer leave home without.

Mike Kasprzak, Provider Services Coordinator, Child Care Resources, Seattle WA

“The Personal Safety Training Group went above and beyond the call of duty in training our team. The techniques we learned to maintain higher levels of awareness of our surroundings were invaluable as was the instruction on the formation of the safety mindset. This training was engaging, highly interactive and a must for anyone seeking solid, practical safety skills.”

Marketing Director, Countrywide Home Loans – Mercer Island, WA

“Your ability to tailor this training to meet the circumstances of our work has helped us tremendously!”

Project Coordinator,Family Resource Center,The Eastside’s Human Services Campus, Redmond WA

“As a former 911 operator I know all too well how many women are victims of crimes that could have been prevented. I am now a Real Estate agent and also a mother of 3 daughters. Needless to say, our safety is always on my mind. The training has taught us to be more proactive about our personal safety and lowered our anxiety levels significantly. Having knowledge and a game plan really helps.”

JB, Real Estate Agent, San Diego, CA

“My wife and I attended this class with our college age daughters. They gained specific knowledge in identifying and avoiding date rape drugs, understanding the importance of employing the buddy system and creating strong personal boundaries. If you have teenage or college-age daughters, this class is essential for their safety and your peace of mind.”

Charles Czech, The Czech Group, Mercer Island, WA

“Our staff really benefited from the awareness training and got a lot out of the live drills, role playing and safety tips especially with regard to our elevators and parking lot areas.”

Chrysalis Inn, Bellingham, WA

“My staff was very appreciative of the training. The elevator and parking lot strategies have alleviated a lot of anxiety and we feel safer in general as we go about our everyday lives. You certainly have elevated our awareness of our surroundings.”

Law Firm Administrator, Kent, WA

“We recently built our dream home on a property we have had
for some time. The house is quite large and spread out on the lot.  Their home safety consulting, which included a walk through along with a perimeter evaluation, was very helpful in identifying weak points which we have addressed with their guidance. The Personal Safety Groups coursework as it regards contingency strategy has also contributed to great peace of mind as it regards our family’s safety.

J&C, Portland, OR

“As a victim of abuse as a child, this presentation was very helpful for me now as a 20-year old paranoid female. I feel I now have some skills to make me more comfortable.”

Student, Highline Community College, Seattle, WA

“The training was relevant, dynamic and very well received”

Baldwin Resource Group, Bellevue, WA