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Front desk professionals have a lot more responsibilities and tasks than first meet the eye. Regardless of the industry they are the first point of contact tasked with making a desirable first impression, while being assertive and maintaining control of the lobby. Multitasking is often called for in busy settings.

Your front desk staff are also very often the first to encounter upset visitors or those posing a threat to the personal safety of your employees.

Night shift lone worker safety precautions must be considered.

Personal safety and situational awareness training for front desk professionals gives them the tools to better manage a variety of situations with the goal of increasing theirs and the staff’s safety.


Duration: 90 minute to two hours

**Also available as a live interactive webinar

Content customized to best suit clients

Topics Covered Include:

  • Introduction to and improving situational awareness
  • Projecting a confident yet pleasant presence
  • Authenticating visitors and adherence to sign / badge protocol
  • Reinforcing access control policy and preventing “tailgating”
  • Pranks calls, threatening calls, bomb threats and/ or messages
  • Protective Intelligence. What is this and what does it look like?
  • Adherence and   “observe, document and report” protocol
  • “Charming the Front Desk” What is this & what does it look/sound like
  • Domestic Violence Spillover
  • Dealing with difficult clients or visitors
  • The “Safe Room” and panic button strategies
  • Early openers and late/ last closers
  • Elevators, stairwells, transitional environments and parking structures
  • Dealing with questionable strangers demanding access
  • “Overt” versus “Veiled” threats
  • Social media as a weak link in your corporate safety plan
  • Night shift lone workers safety considerations and precautions