Personal safety and security awareness training during civil unrest is key.

Civil unrest, regardless of its genesis, poses a potential threat, whether during work hours, commuting, traveling to see a client or during non-work-related activities.

Potential for unrest, rioting, looting and other aggressive and violent behavior can be avoided by staying away from large crowds, planned rallies, protests and public gatherings.

However, in today’s fluid, volatile and unpredictable landscapes, we may find ourselves in a spontaneous civil unrest situation we could not have predicted. In times like this having good situational awareness and having rehearsed our “What if?” scenarios is critical.

It is well known when we are exposed to extreme stress, absent any training or pre planning, we tend to become the proverbial “deer in the headlights” as our bodies experience a large adrenaline dump and the ability to think clearly is eroded in unforgiving situations that will only allow for split second decisions.

In addition to planning and preparation to avoid such civil unrest situations, this training focuses on the intangible: the situational awareness and strategic responses of the individual. Training on how to better process your environment, understand where your exit point are and where they lead to is critical.  The body language of those around us also provides information helping us to formulate a response rather than react in situations where no two are alike.

Obeying intuition and granting “self permission” to act on our instincts is reinforced throughout the program.

Please contact us for more details and for how we may best customize this program to best suit your organizations specific needs.

  • Please note, elements of this training appear at relevant points during all our safety programs.