Student Safety: Women in High School & College

  • pred-drugsYour daughter is  high school or off to college very soon. She may already be in college. Have you provided her with the knowledge and skills that she needs to avoid crime, especially assault and violent crime?
  • The Department of Justice states that for every ten thousand women on a campus, about 350 will be the victim of a sexual assault per year. Over 13% of women in college state they have been stalked and most by someone they knew.
  • The most vulnerable years in a woman’s life are her time spent in college.
  • Give your daughter the tools and skills she needs to maximize her personal safety as she leaves home and navigates her world alone for the first time.


Young women in high school preparing to go to, or already in college.


We no longer offer our long-standing open for registration on-site class in the Seattle area.

Due however, to ongoing and widespread demand, we now offer our Skype Safety Briefings for parent and their daughters, privately or in small groups.

This is a safety discussion that is highly interactive and addresses the specific concerns of young women and their parents.

Contact us to set up a Skype Safety Briefing at or 206.734.4681    Skype: personalsafety21

Duration: Briefings run 90-120 minutes depending on the content requested. Duration does not affect pricing. These discussions find their “natural end points” and per billing, the “clock is not running.”

Topics/Issues Covered

  • The Clery Act: Choosing and familiarizing yourself with a new campus.
  • Understanding  the victim selection process & what makes you an easy target.
  • Crime as a  planned process. What elements need to be in place for it to occur?
  • Being smart and safe with Social Media
  • Always obeying instincts and that there is “No harm in a false alarm.”
  • Elevators, parking lots & “fringe” areas.  (Parking Lot Safety Video)
  • Alcohol and common “Predatory Drugs”: What they are and how to avoid them.
  • Safe Dating: Inappropriate acquaintance/date behavior.
  • Dating abuse, dating violence & stalking
  • Dormitory and housing security considerations
  • Dealing with questionable strangers in isolated areas
  • Inappropriate touching by an acquaintance at a party / social setting
  • Inappropriate touching or advances when studying or alone with a male acquaintance / friend
  • Communication planning and distress code phrases to muster help if need be
  • Reinforcing boundaries and that “No Means No!”

Are your daughters traveling abroad? We also offer a travel safety module if requested

What others are saying:

“Overlake Hospital was pleased to host a training for Mothers and Daughter this past fall. The curriculum was pertinent, examples current and Larry Kaminer is a talented instructor capable of engaging both the adults and the 14 year olds. The Personal Safety Training Group is motivated, flexible and creative in it’s mission to build awareness and safety for women in our community and we look forward to hosting this class again during the coming year”

Family Education Coordinator, OVERLAKE Hospital Medical Center, Seattle, WA


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