Enhancing the personal safety & security of your employees and their families by providing practical strategies focused on the avoidance of crime.

Empowerment through Knowledge, Strategy and Awareness

Our Approach

We build a “Safety Mindset” around the following principles:


Learn to maintain an elevated yet relaxed state of awareness of your surroundings, also known as Condition Yellow.  This approach to personal safety is also known as situational awareness and is always your first and best line of defense.


Crime and victim selection are usually a planned processes. Certain behaviors and habits make us more vulnerable. Gain key knowledge that will help you become a “harder” target.

Intuition and Instincts

Learn precisely why instincts (including fear) are vital tools that warn you of imminent danger, not emotions to be discarded as “irrational” or “silly”.


Running  “What if?” scenarios, and rehearsing best strategies for any number of potential situations helps develop “muscle memory” enabling you to be proactive with regard to your personal safety.


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