Home Safety Training


  • It is human nature to drop our guards in the areas we are most familiar and comfortable. Home is one of these places and this is why most car accidents happen less than two miles from where we live.
  • Law enforcement reports an uptick in daylight home burglaries and a more brazen element to these crimes, and in some areas we see an increase in home invasion robberies.
  • While we should always see home as our sanctuary, it is still important to maintain a relaxed state of awareness with regard to safety and security.
  • The goal of this home safety training is to help you make your family and your dwelling more difficult and less desirable as targets.


  • Singles, Couples & Families, College Students


  • 90 minutes or 3-hours
  • Also available as a live webinar

Topics/Issues Covered

  • Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Recognition of surveillance
  • Security systems. Why 80% are never used.
  • Safety protocol & emergency strategy for “latch key” kids
  • A visitor at the front door. A stranger on the phone. Ground rules and strategy
  • The “safe room” (An absolute must if being stalked)
  • **Social Media and Location Based Services as a vulnerability
  • Family and personal communication plans
  • Working from home & the danger of complacency
  • Entertaining and home safety
  • Home invasions robberies

Listen to a 45 minute recording on working from home and home safetymic on our blog radio show.

A list of home safety tips.