Personal Safety & Security Awareness for Men & Women in the Workplace

OSHA guidelines for workplace violence prevention aside, the reality is that the personal safety of your employees goes well beyond their time spent at work. Situational awareness is always key.

Criminals will strike when it best suits them. This may include targeting your employees coming and going from the office, in elevators, seldom used stairwells or quiet parking structures.  They may be victimized  on their way to or from a clients office, followed from a rental car lot at the airport or face threats while  going about any number of non work related activities.

Employees who telecommute become complacent with regard to home safety making themselves “softer targets”  and need to be trained in best safety and security practices when working from home.

This training provides your employees with the foundation of a “Safety Mindset” which is built on gaining knowledge of crime as a process, improving  awareness of surroundings, providing effective crime avoidance strategies and reinforcing the importance of obeying intuition. (This approach to personal safety is also known as situational awareness or, SA)


  • Men and women in the workplace, working from home, or in the field.


  • 90 minute “Lunch and Learn”
  • 2-4 hour onsite training
  • Also available as a live webinar- 90- 120 minutes duration  (Certain elements demonstrated over live video)
  • Content customization available

Topics/Issues Covered

  • “Condition Yellow” and your Security Awareness Program
  • Crime as a planned process & recognizing pre-crime surveillance
  • Understanding  & disrupting the victim selection process
  • Threat recognition: “Affective” vs. “Predatory” Violence
  • Escalation / De escalation
  • –Confronted over racial, religious, gender presentation bias. How will I deal with this?–
  • Strategy for early openers and last closers.
  • Safety in elevators, parking lots, “fringe” areas and transitional environments
  • Fatigue and the erosion of situational awareness
  • Hotel room selection and travel safety.
  • Domestic violence spill over into the workplace
  • Dealing with questionable strangers in isolated environments
  • Armed robbery and carjacking. Rules for eye contact?
  • Road rage. The four primary triggers and how to respond
  • Working from home and safer sales calls.
  • Violence erupts while visiting a clients facility. What will I do? Where will I go?

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