The importance of sharing your schedule with an office contact & scheduling check in times.

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I was reminded again just yesterday while delivering training for an insurance company as to why sharing your schedule and having check in times with your office is so important if you work in the field.

While covering this topic in the module relevant to product representatives, claims adjusters, social services professionals, pharmaceutical detailers and those in the real estate vertical, a woman in the class shared a story that reinforced the concept and made for an excellent teaching moment

This claims adjuster said she was on her way back to her car subsequent to evaluating the water damage at an insured’s home. She was confronted by a very aggressive and unstable person who was closing in on her and acting more and more unpredictably. She immediately called a co worker at the office whose cell phone number she had programmed into her speed dialer

This woman was very level headed and managed to explain her situation to her office contact but more importantly she was able to let him know exactly where she was. Her situation degenerated to the point that she needs to end the call to bring both hands to bear to fend off a potential attack.

Being that the perpetrator had intentionally positioned and trapped her between a wall and other structures she was unable to run and had to instead keep the situation under relative control by remaining calm and collected and talking to this person to buy time

In the meantime her co worker had called the police and let them know of her situation and more importantly, exactly where she was. In a very short period of time the police were on scene and ended what had been very dangerous encounter.

This woman’s account just goes to reinforce the importance of always maintaining a primary and secondary office contact both of whom’s cell phone numbers need to be in the field agents speed dialer. If your designated contact knows where you are and you cannot muster the resources of law enforcement at least they can do so for you.

This is just one of many strategies we cover during our corporate safety classes. The importance of having an office contact and check in times is also very important for those in your work forces that telecommute or work from home.

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