4 Personal Safety Tips for Nurses and Home Health Workers: At The Front Door

                  4 Personal Safety Tips for Nurses and Home Health Workers “Four at the Door” At the Front Door Home health providers, social workers, nurses, hospice care workers, chaplains, and any other field-based professionals should be on guard when knocking on a client’s door, especially during the … Continued

5 Parking Lot Personal Safety Tips

Personal Safety and Security Awareness In Parking Lots What Makes Us “Soft” vs. “Harder” Targets   In this 2 minute video, we will look at some of the elements criminals factor into their victim selection process, and the importance of remaining alert, even in familiar surroundings such as at home, work, or school. Notice the … Continued

Women’s Personal Safety and Male-Encoded Language

The Department of Justice  – and common sense – tells us that gender-based violence and harassment is predominantly committed by men against women or non-binary persons. Bearing in mind that every situation is different, the importance of using your best judgement in the moment, and keeping women’s personal safety at the forefront, learning to use “male-encoded … Continued

5 tips to Enhance Parking Lot Safety if you are Working Late

If you will be working late, be sure to move your vehicle to a well light parking place that is closest to the door by which you will exit before it gets dark. Do not leave valuables in view inside your car. Remember to back into your parking space allowing for a more rapid egress … Continued