Burundanga – Another Predatory Drug

I recently received a warning about another predatory, or date rape, drug. It was the account of a woman who was approached at a gas station by a man offering his painting services. She took his business card, got into her car and left the station. She states that the painter and a second man … Continued

Lone Worker Safety and a Communications Plan Outline

It is common sense and well understood that any safety plan is only as good as its communications plan. Having a lone worker safety and communications plan outline in place is critical for any agency that has staff in the field.  This includes those that work from home part or full time. Your office based … Continued

Safety in Elevators. Awareness & Reading Body Language Save the Day

This story was told to me by an executive when the topic of elevators and personal safety came up. She states her daughter was riding in an elevator with her on the way to their room on the 5th floor of their hotel.  An ordinary-looking young man entered the elevator when it stopped on the … Continued

You are not Paranoid. You are in “Condition Yellow”

I wrote this blog entry some time ago. I did so because so many people that tell me they get accused of being paranoid when in fact they are merely practicing good awareness of their surroundings. The accuser? Usually someone they know well. Given the continued frustration over this, I thought I would re-post below. … Continued

Prince Charming is not always a Prince

Looks can be deceiving…. This story came across my desk some time ago. A woman returning to her vehicle in a busy shopping mall parking lot during daylight hours discovered she had a flat tire.  She stated that while struggling to change the tire, a clean-cut, handsome man, in a sharp business suit, walked by … Continued