Our popular personal safety and crime avoidance class for middle school and high school students is now broken down into convenient 50 minute modules to accommodate schools interested in offering a training during an assembly.


Middle school and high school students

Student Safety Modules Include

  • Introduction to Personal Safety: (50 minutes)
    • “Condition Yellow”:  What is it, how to improve it, and make yourself a “harder target”
    • Intuition & Instincts: Survival tools never to be ignored, deemed silly or irrational
    • Body language and understanding  the victim selection process
    • The “Buddy System” It is not always convenient but it is a “must”
    • Elevators, parking lots and isolated areas
    • What to do when approached by a stranger in an isolated environment
    • Being smart and safe with social media
    • How to make a safety and communication plan

Other Student Safety Modules

  • Travel Safety
  • Home Safety
  • Safe Dating

References provided upon request.

A Non Incident vs. The Six O’ Clock News. A  young lady who took this class tells us about a close call!!

“Condition Yellow” What is this and why is it so important?