Hotel and Travel SafetyThe hospitality industry toes a delicate line between being open and welcoming to patrons and guests while offering the best security and personal safety possible.

Personal safety training for hospitality industry employees is therefore paramount.

Security teams have physical protection design in place and are vigilant of who is coming and going. Key carding and monitoring the flow of guests, vendors and visitors is a daunting task they take on daily.

Regardless of the level of security design and protocol, security professionals are often frustrated with the challenge of increasing the situational awareness of staff, to help recognize suspicious behaviors of those who might be a threat to the property, its staff or guests.

This program is provided to address this intangible; the situational awareness of  hospitality industry employees at hotels, conference centers, and vacation destinations, who with the correct training, would be better able to recognize pre-event indicators or threats.


Hotel and conference center staff


  • 2-4 hour onsite training
  • Also available as a live, interactive webinar  (90- 120 minutes duration)
  • Content customized to best suit your needs!!
  • Want a dynamic recorded webinar for your LMS. We can do that for you too.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Situational Awareness and the “Condition Yellow” mindset.
  • Communication protocol with property security if you are a channel partner to property
  • Environmental factors. Visualizing what elements could be helpful to me? What elements could present someone with easy opportunity to hide and to do harm?
  • Intuitive awareness techniques to improve awareness of surroundings while remaining calm and relaxed.
  • Demeanor and Presentation:
  • Normal vs. suspicious or “off” body language to look for.
  • Season appropriate attire?
  • Reluctance to make eye contact.
  • Skirting check in and normal ingress and egress routes.
  • Why have I seen that person three times today? Are they with another person?
  • Is that person walking with a limp and why?
  • Is their jacket normally seated or dragged down on one side? Do they “hip check” from time to time?
  • Valet check in, delivery vehicles protocol. Why has that van been parked in our service alley for so long?
  • Why do I hear an engine getting louder (faster) as they get nearer to our check in area?Rental vans and trucks left unattended. Why did that driver park and walk away rapidly?Vehicle-Ramming Attacks
  • Unattended baggage or packages curbside?
  • Reluctance to part with luggage or a package on check in. Shapes of bags or packages.
  • That person on the mezzanine gives me “bad vibe” and what’s he doing up there (Surveillance “Perch”)
  • Random gunfire outside the property? Cover versus Concealment
  • Importance of adhering to security teams EAPs and communication strategies.

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