Ladders Used To Access and Rob Second Story Apartments

Police in Puyallup and Fife are warning residents to be sure to lock sliding doors after a series of burglaries in which criminals used ladders to access upper story balconies.

Apparently they were stealing ladders off parked utility vehicles in the areas in which the crimes occurred. Of greater concern is that these burglaries were occurring at night while the residents were sleeping.

Living on the second or third floor does make your dwelling a harder target but do not make the assumption that it makes you immune to a break in.

-If you live in a two story house be sure that you store your ladders in your garage or a locked shed. This also denies access to other tools that could be used to force open doors or windows.

-Also be aware that even a short utility ladder that might not be long enough to reach the second floor could be staked on patio furniture in order to do so.

-Ideally the external perimeter of the home is well light and free of bushes and shrubbery etc that would offer convenient cover to criminal.

-If you have an alarm, be sure to use it. A dog of any size will also be a good early warning system and deterrent.

-With warmer weather on its way (supposedly) remember to not become complacent and pay attention to all doors and windows especially at dusk.

  • Do your children live off campus perhaps in an apartment or condo? This might be a good time to remind them to lock those upper patio doors and to exercise good discipline when it comes to perimeter control and access to the dwelling!

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