I was so panicked I couldn’t even remember my home address!

Most of us have heard of situations in which a person who was panicking could not remember even the most mundane information such as their home address or phone number when the emergency operator asked for it. Stress, especially fear, results in what is often referred to as an “adrenaline dump.” When this large dose of … Continued

Home Security- The Repairman is Scheduled

At some point in time we all need to allow a repairman or contractor into our homes whether it is to tend to a cable issue with the TV, plumbing or to fix an appliance. What are some of the strategies we can put in place that leave us in control of the visit and … Continued

Student Safety: Want to host your own workshop?

The majority our student safety workshops for Women at School and Men At School are privately hosted. We always customize content to best suit your needs. Here’s how we go about it and we try and keep it simple: Give us some dates and times that work for you. Most classes are held on weekday … Continued

Home Safety Tips

If your home is recessed from the road, does the driveway have good lighting? Dusk-to-dawn low level lighting is thought to be a more effective deterrent than motion detector lights. Be sure the home, garage, side areas and parking area are also very well lit. Prune or remove shrubs and bushes that offer natural cover … Continued