Am I being followed by that vehicle?

The key point to remember is that you are much safer in a moving vehicle, even a slow moving vehicle, than when in or around a stationary vehicle.  So if you think you are being followed keep moving and consider the following strategies. If you are able to, make three left (or three right) turns … Continued

Home Invasions. Make Your home A Harder Target

  Psychologically we are able to fathom a cagey burglar breaking in and stealing something when he knows we are not home. The notion that two or more criminals would burst in and invade when they know we are home is chilling. This is not just a property crime. Home invasions include a display of … Continued

School Is In. A Safety Review for your Children.

(As written for Evergreen Safety Council, Seattle WA) The summer is almost over and as our children  go back to school, this is a good time to review some safety ground rules with them. Communications: Any safety plan is only as good as its communications plan. This should include having your children call or text … Continued

Three Important Features An Alarm System Should Have

Summer has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest and promises to deliver some very hot days. This is a time when we can’t seem to open enough doors and windows for any cooling breeze. Keep in mind that criminals know this and see our properties as easier targets.  It is also a time when … Continued

Ladders Used To Access and Rob Second Story Apartments

Police in Puyallup and Fife are warning residents to be sure to lock sliding doors after a series of burglaries in which criminals used ladders to access upper story balconies. Apparently they were stealing ladders off parked utility vehicles in the areas in which the crimes occurred. Of greater concern is that these burglaries were … Continued