Women’s Personal Safety Tips: Avoiding The Unwanted Hug

Have you ever found yourself wrapped in a hug you didn’t want, but didn’t know what to do about it? I certainly have, and it made me feel angry, resentful, and outraged. Whether on campus, at work, or just socializing, unwanted hugging seems to affect almost all women and girls – and many men – … Continued

Women’s Personal Safety and Male-Encoded Language

The Department of Justice  – and common sense – tells us that gender-based violence and harassment is predominantly committed by men against women or non-binary persons. Bearing in mind that every situation is different, the importance of using your best judgement in the moment, and keeping women’s personal safety at the forefront, learning to use “male-encoded … Continued

Front Desk Professionals Personal Safety Awareness Training

How many times have you heard, “I just cover the front desk at my job.” Please stop describing yourselves this way.  You are professionals who have a lot more responsibilities and tasks than meet the eye. In the hospitality industry, you are the name and face of the brand you represent. In business settings, you … Continued