Workplace Violence; Myths and Mitigagtion- From Stratfor

Posted with permission from Stratfor. By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart November 26th, 2008 As the global financial crisis grinds on, it is doing more than generating foreclosures, bankruptcies and losses in the financial markets: It also means people are losing their jobs as many companies cut back on staff in an attempt to … Continued

Situational Awareness: A Non-Incident vs. The Six O’ Clock News!

A teenaged girl, who had taken our introductory situational awareness class, approached me with a personal story after we presented a safety assembly at her school. Let’s call her Ashley. Her story contains the 4 simple elements that comprise the “Safety Mindset: Knowledge of crime as a process Awareness of our surroundings Obeying instincts And … Continued

Personal Safety: One Car Length – Try to Develop this Simple Habit!

During our trainings, we continually reinforce the importance of being aware of our surroundings at all times. After all, awareness is our first and best line of defense. Equally important is always having a well-thought-out safety strategy. Considering the adage “less is more,” I always try and focus on executing on one or two simple … Continued

Personal Safety: The Color of Your Vehicle’s Interior?

During a recent class for a corporate client, we were covering the topic of safety while commuting. We discussed the importance of taking a quick look into the backseat of your vehicle before getting in. I encourage people to carry a small flashlight with them, especially during the winter months, in order to check the … Continued