Personal Safety: One Car Length – Try to Develop this Simple Habit!

During our trainings, we continually reinforce the importance of being aware of our surroundings at all times. After all, awareness is our first and best line of defense.

Equally important is always having a well-thought-out safety strategy.

Considering the adage “less is more,” I always try and focus on executing on one or two simple strategies at a time, with the goal of gradually developing more.

Here’s an easy one to start with:

  • Next time you drive your car, try and remember to keep one car length between you and the vehicle in front of you whenever you’re coming to a stop.
  • This gives you space to maneuver if needed.

Although this is a very simple tip, the challenge is in remembering to DO IT, because we’re all creatures of habit and tend to revert back to old habits.

Make this fun. Tell your children or significant other to keep track of your progress when you ride together.

You’ll be surprised at how often you forget to maintain that important gap!!!

Keeping space to maneuver is always more important at night and in fringe areas, but practicing during your regular commute is the best place to start.

Be safe!

– Larry

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