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3 Tips to Enhance your Daughters Personal Safety on Campus

Although we like to think of our daughter’s years away at college as safe and idealistic, the reality is that her time at school puts her at risk. Enhancing your daughters campus safety and security is paramount

RAINN, (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, reports that close to 1 in 6 college-aged women received assistance from a victim services agency.

Although there is no 100% guaranteed strategy for keeping our daughters safe, there are many empowering precautions they can take.

Of course, the cardinal rule is to always use the Buddy System.  They learned it in kindergarten, and it’s a classic for a reason.  You don’t stop using the Buddy System just because you turn 18 – in fact, it’s more important than ever, because the stakes become higher as our daughters leave the protection of parents and home.

Here are 3 highly effective strategies to enhance your daughter’s personal safety both on and off campus:

1. Even If I Can’t See You, I WILL HEAR YOU.

That means headphones off, earbuds put away. No exceptions when in public. Some argue that wearing headphones is a useful social signal that indicates they don’t want to talk.  A predator just sees an easier target.  We need the full range of all our senses, at all times. Hearing alerts us to when we are being approached from behind. Police remind us that 90% of surprise attacks are launched from closer than 15 feet behind an unaware person.

2. BYOB.

Bring your own beverage and pay attention to it.  Ideally, this will be in a reusable bottle with an attached lid.  This dramatically cuts down on opportunities for someone to tamper with or switch the drink.  Remember, most often it is someone with whom your daughter is acquainted,  or may even know well, who will attempt to spike her drink. Even ice could contain a predatory drug, such as GHB, which is odorless, colorless and tasteless.  Have her bring her own bottle everywhere and protect it, all the time, just as she would her wallet.

3. Lock It Up, Lock It Down.

On university campuses, as in life, complacency sets in, and people get lax about locking doors and windows.  This can be especially problematic in dormitory buildings.  One person propping open a back door – even innocently, as a favor to a roommate, for example, puts everyone at risk. Unlocked windows are often an overlooked security risk, especially on the ground floor. If your daughter will be sharing off campus housing, seriously consider installing a lock on her bedroom door.

While the risks of college life are real, don’t let fear drive your daughter’s university experience.  Instead, incorporate these and other tips for personal safety and security as part of her education, which will empower her for life.

— Jennifer Kaminer, 28 Feb 2017

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Student Safety: Want to host your own workshop?


The majority our student safety workshops for Women at School and Men At School are privately hosted. We always customize content to best suit your needs.

Here’s how we go about it and we try and keep it simple:

  • Give us some dates and times that work for you. Most classes are held on weekday evenings and some on weekends. We are flexible and work around your schedule.
  • We charge $65 per son or daughter and mom attends at no additional fee
  • Additional siblings, $30 each
  • Our minimum is 12 paid for seats (24 including parents)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Age: Ideally 14 and older
  • Content and duration customized to your needs
  • Desks or tables are preferable but not necessary
  • We need some space to practice the role playing packages included in these classes. About ten feet in depth and at least 15-20 across is adequate.
  • We bring the laptop and projector and just need a surface to project onto.
  • We carry  insurance to train at any venue. If our company will be paying for space at the venue of your choice this needs to be covered by increasing the minimum number of paid for attendees
  • A handout is included for reference after the training
  • Scholarship If you know of one young man or lady who cannot afford to attend the class you are organizing and you would like him/ her to be there, let us know and we will add him/her and mom to the sign in sheet and be glad to have them join us at no charge. Limit is one parent and child pair per class.
  • Mom (or Dad) why do we want you at the training  as well? -Anytime there is an ongoing dialog regarding information that is common to two or more people there is better retention and a greater probability that strategies discussed in class will actually be implemented. We also teach exercises to improve awareness of our surroundings which are more fun to do with someone who learned them with you rather than alone.

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