Front Desk Professionals Personal Safety Awareness Training

How many times have you heard, “I just cover the front desk at my job.” Please stop describing yourselves this way.  You are professionals who have a lot more responsibilities and tasks than meet the eye. In the hospitality industry, you are the name and face of the brand you represent. In business settings, you … Continued

Workplace Violence Prevention and OSHA Directives

This guest blog contributed by strategic partner and workplace violence and security consultant, Felix Nater of Nater Associates, LTD with offices in  North Carolina and New York.   New OSHA Directive Tackles Workplace Violence Concerns…What Are You Doing About It? In the last 15 years, deaths resulting from workplace violence have ranked among the top four causes … Continued

Personal Safety: Dating Abuse and Dating Violence

During our training for young women in high school and college, I will often ask how many of them have boyfriends who: Always rifles through their purses Scroll through their call list and text messages. Continuously call in to find out where they are, etc. Convince them that a location sharing “emergency app” should be … Continued

Stop Signs. A Domestic Violence Resource

  I had the opportunity to read Stop Signs authored by my friend Lynn Fairweather who is a threat assessment and domestic violence expert. As a personal safety trainer and consultant and father of two daughters, I was particularly eager to read this book and share the “golden nuggets” with them and those I interact … Continued

Partner Violence as a Workplace Issue. Some Stats, Facts & Policy Suggestions

We want to thank Kim Wells,  Executive Director of The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence for providing us with this informative blog entry. The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence  is a national nonprofit organization founded by businesses with a mission to address domestic violence as a workplace issue. Below are some very sobering … Continued