Burundanga – Another Predatory Drug

I recently received a warning about another predatory, or date rape, drug. It was the account of a woman who was approached at a gas station by a man offering his painting services. She took his business card, got into her car and left the station. She states that the painter and a second man … Continued

Human Predators & Personal Safety While Walking or Jogging

The Animal Kingdom Think back to the documentary on television where the lioness is hunting.  She stalks a herd of deer as they approach a water hole.  She waits in the same place because she knows that the deer, being highly predictable, will come by at the same time every day. They must do so … Continued

Social Media Security Concerns UK Financial Services Company

Social Media Security Concerns UK Financial Services Company Property Risk Reuters recently cited findings from a study by Legal & General, a multinational financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company was looking into the impact social media has on risk with regard to property and content. The report was called the “Digital … Continued

Online Safety and Social Media Security Awareness

Our Predictability as a Vulnerability Social media safety and security are a growing concern. As more people engage in social media the amount of information being shared in relatively open forums continues to grow. Best practice is to post information and photos after an event rather than letting people know where you will be or … Continued

Home Invasions. Make Your home A Harder Target

  Psychologically we are able to fathom a cagey burglar breaking in and stealing something when he knows we are not home. The notion that two or more criminals would burst in and invade when they know we are home is chilling. This is not just a property crime. Home invasions include a display of … Continued