Home Safety Tips

If your home is recessed from the road, does the driveway have good lighting? Dusk-to-dawn low level lighting is thought to be a more effective deterrent than motion detector lights. Be sure the home, garage, side areas and parking area are also very well lit. Prune or remove shrubs and bushes that offer natural cover … Continued

Situational Awareness: A Non-Incident vs. The Six O’ Clock News!

A teenaged girl, who had taken our introductory situational awareness class, approached me with a personal story after we presented a safety assembly at her school. Let’s call her Ashley. Her story contains the 4 simple elements that comprise the “Safety Mindset: Knowledge of crime as a process Awareness of our surroundings Obeying instincts And … Continued

Personal Safety: “Date Rape Drugs” Aren’t Only Used for Rape

Ripped from the headlines: According to ABC News, a California couple vacationing in Italy were the victims of a heartless scam artist. Apparently, the perpetrator struck up a conversation with them at a coffee shop and – after winning their trust – brought them each a cappuccino. Both cups were laced with drugs. After being … Continued