Covering Your “Six” – A Technique to Improve your Situational Awareness


Covering Your “Six” – A Technique to Improve your Situational Awareness

We all know that awareness of surroundings is the frontline to personal safety.

Regardless of where we are and what we’re doing, it’s vital to always remain alert and aware. Police officers remind us that those who aren’t aware make for much easier or “softer” targets.

Law enforcement also reminds us that we must be aware of what”˜s going on behind us at all times. This is because the majority of surprise attacks come from this blind spot, also known as our “Six O’clock” position.

A technique taught by law enforcement and the military improves awareness of your “Six” dramatically.

It’s as simple as remembering to look left and right whenever you walk through an entrance or exit, or step off an elevator.

Here’s an example. The last time you exited a retail store and turned right to head up the sidewalk, did you remember to look left first? Keep in mind that as you turn to your right, what was your left has now become your brand new blind spot.

A quick look left before you turn right enables you to get a picture of that soon-to-be blind spot, dramatically improving your situational awareness.

Do you do this already? If not, start now. Do others engage in this awareness technique? Not very many.

The next time you’re sitting in a coffee shop, just look across the street and watch people leaving a store or office.  Almost no one looks left and right before making their turn.  Don’t be one of them.

Criminals are very dialed into the body language of people who are aware, and people who are not. They know if you’re alert and covering your blind spot you much more difficult to surprise.

Personal safety is always our personal responsibility. Stay relaxed, remain alert, and remember to cover your six.



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