When Shots Are Fired

yhst-98642741707334_2061_314858Bullet Blocker®  is a company we were recently introduced to.

We hear about shootings at the workplace, schools and on college campuses so often that we actually habituate to this flow of disturbing news.

Bullet Blocker® has actually done something so simple that it is really ingenious. They have incorporated bullet resistant linings into products that we often have with us in setting where these shootings occur. These include lined school backpacks, laptop bags and day timers.

Please visit them at www.bulletblocker.com and browse their wide variety of outstanding products.

I am picking up the panels for my laptop bag. My work takes me to a wide variety of destination and I always have my laptop bag with me. I have been on the receiving end of gunfire and I recall vividly how vulnerable I felt out in the open with no hard points or cover to get behind. To be able to bring the bag up as one “hits the deck” or bundles down into the smallest presentable profile, and cover up with this bullet resistant product could easily be the game changer.

If you have children in school or college I suggest looking into the backpack line.

I will be expanding on this blog entry in the near future.

In the meantime kudos to the Bullet Blocker team for bringing what is usually reserved for law enforcement and the military to ordinary folks like you and me. (More on the company)