GPS. Don’t make it easy for the bad guys to find your home!!

gpsThe FBI reports that GPS theft from vehicles shot up 700% between 2006 and 2007

Theft Prevention:

  • Use the suction-cup windshield mount instead of the permanent base that adheres to the glass or dash which lets everyone know you have a GPS. A friction mount is also an option.(Looks like a bean bag that sits on the dash without sliding around)
  • Remember to remove the mounting bracket from the windshield when you are not in the car. Not just the device from the bracket.
  • Remember to wipe off the smudge the suction-cup leaves on the glass! This is a tell tale sign there might be one hidden in the car.
  • New devices are small enough to put in a pocket or bag so bring it with you and leave the mounting bracket out of site. The same goes for the cigarette lighter power cable.

Your Personal Safety:

Most importantly, use the password feature to lock the device so as to deny access to your home address and any others in your “favorites” list. The last thing you need is the person who broke into your car showing up at your house….with out even having to bother with MapQuest!!


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