Social Media Safety & Security for Companies

This program focuses on using social media and networking services in a manner that mitigates risk to the personal safety of your employees and their families.

Duration: One Hour

  • Also available as a live webinar
  • Ideal for a Lunch & Learn


Social media and networking are ever evolving with new networking platforms and applications appearing almost daily. Companies are doing their best to keep internal policy up to date. Do these efforts include policy & training in the area of threats to personal safety?

Governance and Policy

HR and legal remain focused on governance and policy to mitigate the usual suspects: bullying, harmful gossip, or comments resulting in preferential or detrimental treatment during hiring or promotion processes. Leakage of corporate secrets and intellectual property or product launch information are included in the long list of challenges. Employees forgetting which “hat” they are wearing when they post or comment are always of concern. Personal use of a social media platform on a corporate ISP also poses challenges.

Threat to Personal Safety and Security

As legal and HR do their best to corral this amorphous creature,  there is growing concern in the security and law enforcement sectors over vulnerability to personal safety and security of a company’s most valuable assets: its employees.

Although briefed on the governance side, employees tend to compartmentalize and think of workplace violence or threat as something that happen onsite and during work hours.

”The Fortress” No Longer Guarantees Worker Safety

As companies install security systems and access control is enhanced, gaining entry to a facility becomes more challenging. Social media is offering alternate non-worksite targeting venues and opportunities as employees broadcast where they will be and at what times. The perpetrator might be a disgruntled worker or the batterer of one of your staff. GPS social location based marketing platforms and apps only serve to enhance this vulnerability especially as they “check in” and make their real time whereabouts known. A simple “Out of office” auto reply is often enough to initiate this process especially in a more calculating and predatory adversary. The incidence of opportunistic targeting also increase with careless use of social networks.

Social Media Safety and Security Training as Change Management

This training reveals how “bits and pieces” of information, assimilated from multiple online sources, helps a criminal build a profile. The profile allows for the enrichment of targeting opportunities once your employees leave the safety of a secure work environment.

Once a person understands the criminal and/or predator mindset, their view of what and how they share information online becomes significantly modified.

This highly interactive session encourages critical thinking. It drives home the importance of online discipline through the telling of true stories and a table top exercise that reinforces the importance of maintaining rock-solid social media safety protocol.