Realtor** Contact us about our module on: Personal Safety During Civil Unrest.

REALTORS® and professionals  in the real estate business understand the inherent risks in showing homes and hosting open houses.

REO brokers are aware of the risks involved when visiting distressed properties in depressed areas.

This personal safety training provides agents with strategy and contingency plans to maximize safety in all phases of their day and especially while showing properties, and hosting open houses or evaluating foreclosed properties.


Real Estate Agents, brokers, office staff and anyone acting in a support role to the agents in the field.


60-90 min “Lunch & Learns”

3-hours comprehensive onsite

Distance Learning. Available as a 90-120 minute live webinar

Contact us about our highly customized one hour webinar for brokers visiting high threat neighborhoods to evaluate distressed  properties !

(Please note we do not deliver complimentary abbreviated trainings or overviews at brokers weekly meetings)


Topics/Issues Covered

  • Office / Agent coordination and communication protocol.
  • Business cards, brochures and electronic assets.
  • Arrival and preparation procedures for showing property.
  • Open house safety protocol and perimeter control.
  • The “safe room” concept and identifying safe rooms.
  • Property “sweeps” and upper story exit and escape options.
  • Role playing and simulation of exit and escape scenarios.
  • New construction and remotely located properties.
  • Social Media Safety and Security
  • Landing pages and proxy registration protocol
  • Not all pepper spray is created equally. A discussion
  • Confronted by an angry squatter or homeowner?
  • Introduction to de – escalation: Active listening, personal space, body language
  • Threatened for possessions. How will I respond?
  • Attempted abduction. Understanding the primary versus secondary location
  • Identifying weapons of opportunity
  • Signs of drug manufacturing at or nearby work destination
  • Techniques to improve awareness of surroundings / situational awareness
  • “Safe Haven” – If followed- road rage?
  • Overt versus Veiled Threats
  • Aggressive dogs