Workplace Violence and Workplace Security Awareness

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Felix (Phil) Nater, President of Nater Associates, Ltd and a strategic partner to the Personal Safety Training Group, is an independent human resources security management consultant specializing in workplace violence and workplace security awareness. Nater Associates focus their strategies on working for clients and helping organizations provide for safe and secure workplaces through violence interdiction strategy and security awareness.

Mr. Nater has demonstrated and diversified experiences and expertise in a variety of projects and has been recently involved in:

  • Developing workplace violence prevention training programs for employees, supervisors, managers, and postmasters on Long Island and Queens Postal Districts, including numerous written materials.
  • Providing security-consulting services to government, corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations on workplace violence prevention and security awareness.
  • Completing a major comprehensive Vulnerability Threat Assessment and Security Audit documentation for 125 Post Offices, Station, Branches and Plants on Long Island.
  • Designing customized workplace violence prevention awareness and security seminars for the healthcare community.
  • Designing a security awareness workplace violence prevention management seminar for human resource professionals, facility managers and business continuity professionals.
  • Designing and instructing a customer service awareness program for security officers at a children’s museum.
  • Evaluating security guard bids for services for a major non-profit firm and reviewed and analyzing technology bids for a major firm.
  • Designing a corporate mailroom security management awareness program for a major defense contractor.
  • Conducting threat assessment and risk management services for businesses on an as needed basis.
  • Assisting clients establish proper termination protocols and procedures.
  • Working with clients to insure termination policies do not expose employers through social networking and Internet threats.



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