3 Simple Travel Safety Strategies for Spring Break

Communications ”“ Cover Your Six ”“ Buddy Up = “CCB” Spring break is here & for those of us with children, the thought of them going on vacation without us is often anxiety provoking.  Believing “less is more”, I have given my daughters three easy- to -remember strategies. Communication Strategy- Parents and children should always … Continued

Your Keys as a Weapon? Perhaps. But Your Mind is Your Best Weapon!

We always show this image during training and ask the group what they think is relevant about the keys in the woman’s right hand. Keys as a weapon– Almost always the attendee’s comments are about the keys as a weapon.  Not a bad answer given all the sound bites we hear on being prepared to … Continued

Shots fired in the building. A Gunman on the Loose!

Within ten days of presenting on this topic at a safety conference, I awoke to read about the senseless slaughter of thirteen at Fort Hood, a story which dominated the news for some time. It is worth pointing out that on the day  of that massacre, an apparently disgruntled ex employee  walked  into the building … Continued

When Shots Are Fired

Bullet Blocker®  is a company we were recently introduced to. We hear about shootings at the workplace, schools and on college campuses so often that we actually habituate to this flow of disturbing news. Bullet Blocker® has actually done something so simple that it is really ingenious. They have incorporated bullet resistant linings into products … Continued

Home Security- The Repairman is Scheduled

At some point in time we all need to allow a repairman or contractor into our homes whether it is to tend to a cable issue with the TV, plumbing or to fix an appliance. What are some of the strategies we can put in place that leave us in control of the visit and … Continued