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  • “Tips for Staying safe on Spring Break” -Emily Driscoll (Quoted)
  • “Stay Safe On The Road” – Christopher Elliott  for Silverkris, The travel magazine for Singapore Airlines (Quoted)
  • Gunfire on Campus- A Shooting at the Mall. Free training offered to the community as seen on Q13 Fox New

As seen in MOBILITY Magazine, November 2009

Personal safety abroad is a key responsibility for expatriates, and Kaminer offers a common sense approach to security in a foreign destination.

Travel will certainly be different than in the past years.- Christopher Elliot for MSNBC

  • January 18, 2008 – From The Enterprise Newspapers: Alexis Bacharach, The Enterprise Newspapers Check your pepper spray at the door. Self-defense training emphasizes awareness over weapons and martial arts

A 15-year-old girl steps off the school bus. She pulls an iPod out of her backpack, plugs in the earphones and moseys on towards home. Forget for a moment that crossing the street she was nearly hit by a car – because, one, she couldn’t hear it coming and, two, she simply wasn’t paying attention.

Her behavior alerts everyone around her that she’s oblivious to her surroundings, and her iPod beckons predators like moths to a flame…. [Read More]

Staying safe: Organization equips women with proactive personal safety strategies
Abbey McGee, Journal Newspapers

It’s Saturday night. A group of friends are wrapping up a fun evening of great food and juicy conversation. Some of the group carpooled, but one young woman came by herself. She feels a little uneasy about walking to her car alone, but doesn’t want to make a fuss. She decides to do it, despite the nagging voice in her head telling her to do otherwise. After making it to her car safely, she realizes that it probably wasn’t the best choice to walk alone down a dark street and vows to make a better decision next time. This situation happens all too often, and unfortunately, the young woman doesn’t always make it to her car safely… [Read More]

  • September 22, 1997 – From King5 News in Seattle, WA:

Teen girls get a lesson in campus crime
September 22, 2007

Mothers and daughters in Edmonds had the chance today to learn how not to become a rape or assult victim, and how to best protect their friends. KING 5’s Amy Finley reports on the safety training… [view the video]

  • August 4, 2007 – From the Bellevue Reporter in Bellevue, WA: Moms, daughters learn that safety always a concern

BY LEYNA KROW Staff Writer

For girls growing up in Bellevue, the possibility of being mugged, raped or otherwise violently assaulted may seem remote.

All the more reason for the community’s young women to be reminded of basic safety precautions… [read more]

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